Best bo4 class setup

Sooner or later, most players will run into the problem of having to use the weaker weapons in Call of Duty. Though this can stem from many reasons, the primary one generally has to do with getting those sweet camos.

The KN lies towards the end of the pack with a lower firerate than most ARs and mediocre damage values at medium to long range combat. So, what are these strengths I mentioned before?

Rapid Fire speeds up time to kill to a lightning quick ms at close range…now that is the type of speeds that can start to compete with the likes of the 9mm.

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Quickdraw brings the ADS time to a nice, snappy ms. The benefit of Gungho is somewhat diminished however due to the comparatively low decrease to the sprintout time. The attachments here lean into every possible strength of the KN Quicker ADS speed, better recoil control, faster strafing, and speedier kill times are all included in the loadout.

When crafting the class, we need to get the most bang for our class points. Ghost in Black Ops 4 is an ineffective choice due to the need to sprint at all times to remain hidden.

No other perk gives as much utility in one class point. Dexterity allows for faster mantles and slides. This means, in conjunction with Quickdraw, you can slide-cancel very quickly. Slide-cancelling is a mechanic in Black Ops 4 where the player slides and then quickly presses the left-trigger to ADS. This quickly stops the slide and pops the player into gunfighting position.

Now, get out there and get that Dark Matter…or just shred through the competition with this Rapid Fire beast. As always, thank you to XclusiveAce for the wonderful breakdown and stats work he does. You can find his full video below for even more details on the KN New master camo coming to Modern Warfare mid-Season 3 April 11, Over 50 million players have played Call of Duty: Warzone in one month April 10, GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy.

Confused about which Specialist to use? A main difference of Specialists is their unique weaponry and equipment. Equipment charge time is fast compared to that of weaponry, so you have many chances to activate the equipment.

Vapr-XKG Best Attachments

We chose best specialists with powerful equipment that is easy to use and versatile. Use it to check if an area is safe and free of hostiles. After Seeker Shock Mine is used, it will start moving and searching for enemies. Follow it till it finds enemies. If you are lucky, enemy will be stunned by the Seeker Shock Mine and you may get an easy kill. AJAX has a great area clearance skill. Then it is time for you to charge in! When you think enemies are ambushing in the area ahead of you.

It is the right time to throw the 9-Bang. Recon's Sensor Dart can reveal enemies in the mini map Left Top in the battle screen. It's a very strong equipment for detecting enemy locations and great when you are not sure where enemies are. Since enemy can destroy deployed Sensor Dart. It is recommended to put at locations that enemies would not notice. Examples are on top of roofs, behind objects etc.

Top 10 Black Ops 4 Best Class Setups That Turn You into a Killing Machine (2019 Latest Edition)

All other trademarks and trade names are property of their respective owners. Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks.When it comes to performance, the Maddox RFB is arguably one of the best weapons currently in the game.

best bo4 class setup

With appealing stats across the board and the overall ease of use, there is no questioning that the Maddox RFB is one of the best all-round weapons. For those that enjoy a slower style of play, the Rampart 17 Assault Rifle is a great choice for medium-to-long range combat. With the addition of Grip and High Caliber, your shots will not only melt your opponents upper body, but the weapons recoil will also be drastically decreased.

If you are looking for an impressive all-round weapon, this KN loadout is a great choice. While it isn't exactly the best weapon available, its ease of use for all skill levels and rather impressive stats is what makes the KN a favorite amongst the community.

With exceptional accuracy and a rather decent fire rate, the ICR-7 is overall a fairly balanced weapon that excels at distance based encounters.

Essential Competitive Class Setups & Tips for Black Ops 4 League Play

However, what makes the ICR-7 such a favorable weapon is its extremely low recoil. When paired with the Grip I and II attachments, the recoil is basically non-existent. With the addition of Gung-Ho and Dead Silence, players can traverse the map much faster and sneak up on unsuspecting opponents.

It is important to note that the Daemon 3XB isn't for everyone, especially given the general consensus when it comes to burst style weapons.

However, if you are able to master the Daemon 3XByou will undoubtedly have your hands on one of the better weapons within the game.

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With the potential to be an absolute beast when used correctly, the weapon thrives with both High Caliber and Fast Mags due to its extremely fast reload time. Due to its insanely fast firing rate and high damage capabilities, the Spitfire is an absolute beast when it comes to close quarter combat. With the addition of Extended Mags, you can now last even longer as you won't need to reload as frequently.

This can be extremely helpful when firing upon multiple enemies. Players will also find that by adding the FMJ and Stock I attachment, the weapon is not only significantly easier to handle, but it is also much more smoother when firing thanks to the added stabilization. With the Fast Mag attachment added, the Saug 9mm 's reload time is greatly increased, making the weapon much more favorable during those multiple kill situations.

Along with the addition of Stock I, the recoil for this weapon is hardly noticeable. With two successful bursts to the upper body, you'll quickly come to find that you have a noticeable advantage over your opponents.The mode is played competitively and draws in the fiercest competition you can face in-game.

As such, it is important to come prepared with proper competitive minded classes. An image of each class is shown with a brief description below. This is the most straight-forward long range AR class for use in competitive Black Ops 4.

The class offers superior range and the most long range firepower apart from snipers and perhaps the newly buffed Swordfish.

best bo4 class setup

The class does lack utility so be sure to slay out and keep spawn control to ensure you are contributing enough to your team. This class is essentially the Maddox version of the first class. Great for slaying out the enemy team inside and outside the objective.

Fast ADS speeds with quick close to medium range kill times. The class is best used at medium range for maximum damage, but can contend with most SMGs. The Swordfish is a newcomer in a sense to the competitive weapon pool. The Swordfish can take targets down to health in a single burst and has very little recoil.

The weapon is best used in SnD to hold sightlines, but can be used in respawn due to recent buffs. This Saug class is all about using the speed of the SMG to kill targets and get out fast.

The Quickdraw gives you near instant ADS-in times and double Stocks give you strafe speed rivaling sprint speeds. The class does lack a perk 1, so you will have to be careful of explosives and stuns. Be sure to use your speed to your advantage and play close range. Be a nuisance. This Saug class is a little more objective-oriented.

Best class setups & tips for the KN-57 in Black Ops 4 Multiplayer

The playstyle will be quite similar to the first Saug class, but remember to use your stuns whenever possible. Competitive Black Ops 4 features a lot of stun grenades in addition to the common Cluster Grenades. This class should always be slotted and ready to go just in case the enemy is fond of stuns.

While your team can rock Tac Mask, Trophy Systems offer objective-wide defenses against all incoming projectiles. Be sure to throw your trophies into hardpoints and control points to help with incoming enemy attacks.

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This class offers a mix of slaying power and utility due to the versatility of the Maddox. The stun will allow you to take on several targets at once and push out enemy locations to give your team some breathing room in objective gamemodes. Sometimes, a little extra firepower is called for.

If you are finding it hard to hold onto long sightlines in SnD, think about equipping this sniper class. The Mozu gives you a clean secondary option for when the enemy gets in close range. Well, there you have it. We hope these classes will help you as you grind to be the number 1 player in your Ladder. New master camo coming to Modern Warfare mid-Season 3 April 11, Over 50 million players have played Call of Duty: Warzone in one month April 10, These classes will rock your opponents.

Discover the best weapon classes in Black Ops 4 across all multiplayer game modes. These classes will take you to the top of the Black Ops 4 leader boards and earn challenges and score streaks. These classes can help you compete if you play in competitive modes like hardcore or game battles. The ABR is a top 2 weapon. Its default sight is better than other scopes. The ABR is the freest flowing weapon in the game. The fire rate is fast enough that you can compete in close quarters.

best bo4 class setup

And its accuracy and range make snipers fear you. Having stock II equipped allows you to maneuver quickly while sustaining fire on your enemy making you a much harder target to hit. Extended mags gives the weapon more firepower and will prevent you from dying by running out of ammo. The operator mod repeater gives you the ability to hold the trigger and continuously fire bursts. This increases the fire rate of the weapon and the fire burst keeps the weapon accurate at a distance.

Lightweight and tracker keep you quicker than your opponents. It is the second most accurate in its class and it has one of the highest fire rates. It is a highly maneuverable SMG that allows you to close the distance between your enemies quickly. It is accurate and works well with the 1. Having stock II equipped allows your movement to be as natural as possible while aiming the weapon.

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This is the only attachment that lets you drop shot opponents while maintaining your aim. Quickdraw II makes your aim incredibly fast and lets you view more of your surroundings while aiming. Dead silence and acoustic sensor work well together. With acoustic sensor you can hear enemies more loudly and can even detect enemies using dead silence.

The ICR-7 is the most accurate weapon in its class and can dominate large battlefields.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Get loadout tips from attachments and gear to perks and scorestreaks. This setup focuses on taking out enemies stealthily and minimizing getting discovered. Quickly move towards vantage points overlooking chokepoints where enemies. This keeps you focused on sniping, instead of worrying about close-range ambush and engagements.

Ideal for close range aggressive tactics, take advantage of this setup to maintain a high DPS given by Dual Wield. Fast mags is a must since you're reloading two weapons.

Black Ops 4: Ranking All Specialists Characters From WORST to BEST

Make the most out of each burst with a close range sight like the Reflex. Rush in to chokepoints and make sure you fire first! Your perks will help you play aggressively. This setup maximizes the damage and gun handling for the TITAN, making it capable of killing even enemies with armor. Take advantage of the perks to take out enemy scorestreaks and equipment before they have a chance to attack.

Use Seraph to control the battlefield and ensure your teammates spawn around you. You can also use Recon to maximize your intel gathering. Crash helps you become the ultimate support class by boosting their health and increasing scorestreak potential. This ICR-7 setup focuses on being able to engage enemies accurately while on the move. Take advantage of the improved gun handling from the attachments and perks to take down enemies before they get too close.

Use Prophet to detect enemies using Seeker Mine and pick off enemies from a slight distance. Recon helps you find where enemies may camp, while Crash enables you to rack up score faster.

Similar to the ABR, this favors aggresive play on both close to mid-range. Rush in to choke points fast and target your opponents in the chest upward to maximize the damage of your High Caliber. Use specialists that favor rush and aggressive play like Crash and Ajax, or control the battlefield with Seraph's Tac-deploy. This MX9 setup focuses on being constantly on the move.

Hybrid Mags allow you to engage enemies longer while Dead Silence helps you move around without alerting enemies. Crash Ajax and Seraph will work great with this setup since they favor aggressive close-range play. This setup allows you to deal lethal headshots at any range so always aim for the head, even when on the move. Take the opportunity to pick up ammo when you can as this may also deplete your supply quickly. Recon will help you find enemies at a distance, while Seraph can help you deploy in vantage points near chokepoints.

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Ideal for aggressive play, this will allow you to clear tight spots easily thanks to the Strobe Light Operator Mod. Engage at close range to maximize damage. Ajax is the perfect specialist for this setup. Disable your enemies using the 9-bang and rush in while they're blind, plus the shield allows you to close in, so when it runs out, you are already in range to take them out. A Custom Class is a unique class where you will be able to optimize your soldier's loadout by choosing which weapons, perks, and more will be equipped by your soldier.

Once you reach level 5, you will be able to start creating a custom class for yourself.Bring your enemies to their knees with this highly selective list of the best BO4 weapons.

Here are the best weapons in BO4 across all multiplayer game modes ranked from 10 all the way to the best gun in the game. Semi-automatic shotgun that resembles the AA Half as powerful but twice as fast as the MOG Kills players up close and kills damaged players at the extent of its range.

Works best with dexterity. SG12 Gameplay. Automatic assault rifle, futuristic version of the classic Ak Second place for damage, accuracy, and range amongst all weapons in its class.

Deadly at all ranges. Works well enough on its own to remove secondary from your class and add equipment like stimshot, lightweight or concussion grenades. KN Gameplay. Automatic SMG well-known for its amazingly fast fire rate. Lowest damage per round of any weapon in its class but its fire rate gives it an edge over other weapons. This weapon racks up kills at close range and can still earn well-targeted kills at midrange.

Also works well with skulker if you like to use stealth. Spitfire Gameplay. Bolt-action sniper rifle. Best in its class because of its sheer power. This is the most powerful weapon in its class. This weapon is your best chance at a one-shot, one-kill. Paladin HB50 Gameplay. Semi-automatic handgun.

Best in use with dexterity. The strife can quickly clean-up a kill when a bolt-action sniper rifle lands hit markers. Strife Gameplay 5. ABR The best weapon in its class. A go-to weapon because of its ability to fire over long distances and its balance between power and fire rate.

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